Sunday, August 31, 2014


 \\ Back to School \\
New timetables, new seatmates and exciting projects... all in a new school semester :) But also, less time for shifts at Abercrombie :( what used to be a daily thing... is now a weekly affair. Just yesterday I felt the full effects of not working in *forever* (a week actually) - many new faces, a new manager, a new playlist (my fav is the Georgie Porgie track). And lots of new clothes (i saw a red midi skirt.. since when!) Anyway, Abercrombie Associates still remain the sweetest. The bomber jacket I'm wearing in the photo is a "hope you stay warm during lectures and have a great sem ahead!" surprise, and the cupcake was a "nice working with you; but ciao guys i've got school to attend now" surprise. - [daww. #abercrombieHOT #abercrombieSWEET.]

 \\ Old-School \\
Fun times with Novell and Shannen after some brunch and coffee at Chye Seng Huat. Catching up since Nepal days was so necessary!

\\ Today \\
In RipCurl today, and I really liked how they drew my brows! Eyes-wise (tempting to spell: eyes-weyes), I'm never a fan of falsies. Though I've to admit how thrilling it is watching my lash-collection building up in the lash-stash in my journal! :)

Soon to update: Carrie Models Launch at Altimate @1-Altitude | Peeks from MSI | TRT | Styléograph New Collection

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