Saturday, May 30, 2015


 Day 1 of propagating these Dayuki Buds! Watch them grow here
 Melly came home from her Seoul-HK adventure last night and brought this little bud home! I guess our Dayuki Buds are growing a little international here ;)

To celebrate our love for matcha and all things green:
Frog Waffles! With the amazing green tea milk spread from Osulloc Jeju.

Afternoon feelszz..

A little peek at what we did in Seoul:
SUNSHINE | Felt like full-on Summer on Nami Island, even though it's supposed to be breezy Spring!

SUNSHINE | see what i mean?

These guys got it the best, with optimum sunlight and just-right shade-
Dontcha wna be a Dayuki Bud too.
BLUEBERRIES | nestled in their new blueberry carton!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

DAYUKI. 다육이 내꺼 | 새 친구.

Late last night we got back from Seoul, and this morning Daddy surprised us with this box of cute surprises! They're succulents, or fat-plants! 

Dayuki, my new table buddy
I'll post up pics from our trip, but for now, i'm way too excited to share pics of Day 1 with Dayuki! I gave his home a fresh coat of paint too :D

//edit// Day 2 with Dayuki Buds --

Lil Chloe napping with Dayuki

Checking on her new buds ever so often >.,<

Monday, May 18, 2015



With Singapore Fashion Week over and school officially OUT... I think it's quite safe to say:

While it's summery all-year-round here in SG, you only ever get the real summer vibes this season because school's the last thing on your mind! Here're some snaps from #SGFW #LOREALPROFSG hair show with Cha Hong :

차홍 | 차홍아르더뷰티하우스

funky brows, spot on from my favourite people at Shu Uemura!

Samurai Buns and Kimono time~
I really love working with the team at L'oreal Professionnel. They're amazing at what they do and can handle the most extreme makeovers haha!

Manic-Monday no more with red Wendy-braids from the previous hair show | GRAFFITI NATION
So to date, L'oreal Prof SG has transformed my hair from brown, to blonde, to brown-with-blonde-streaks, red-head, Korean-waves and I'm lovin' it <3 they never fail to surprise me, and always outdo themselves each time!

Tomorrow evening we leave for Seoul! 기대해~



BTS snaps from a shoot recently: Food, Selfies, and friends - how much better could this get!


In other news,

Hot Pursuit movie premiere with MIMI!
Korean BBQ with the cutest girls in school!
고기 고기 고기.
Ramen time before Cher's gal-pal's play!
THREADS | Dad's new shirt from Marni.. which he didn't wear out yet ;) i got to it first. teehee.
#TEAMSG | staying true-blue #homegurl while the rest of our schoolmates are out exploring the world this semester
"..there's beauty in everything"
".. just like this set of aligners i'm going to get!"
^stay tuned! ;)