Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Time to time, my hair does get dry from all the harsh elements (read: wash&wear/flat irons/curling thongs/back-combs/teases/hairspray&morehairspray/etc.). I usually get a steam, and it straightens all my problems out (not the curls though. yea, they're here to stay. they just get softened^^).
 This time I reached the salon just before closing hour, and we only had enough time for either a colour, or a steam. I really wanted a fresh colour, so we went ahead with that :) and now, after wearing the colour out a little, I think my curls have decided to behave! So... Cheers to good hair days!

And it looks much shorter here too:
Looks like a long-bob (LOB). lol.

So today we had a PPC-meet, and also to celebrate Fai's 21st! Happy 21st mamabear <3

Naturally, we had lots to catch up on. The pictures don't tell everything, but they sure summarise most of how our time in school was spent ;) 

M.A.D.O.N.N.A. | more like.. Fudge's Cones
pikachu's all let's go for a spin | tingting-carrr

Finally, what's a PPC meet-up without the renewal of annual vows, B&J bets, and Mean Girls re-enactments ;)
jingle-bell rock. x.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

xHello 2015

Who needs lion dancers to welcome in the new year when you've lil Chloe ;)
2015's in; 2014's out.

Mum's predicting 2015 to be the year of Chuck Taylorsss. evidently it influenced her online buys (but pleasantly so, i love my new kicks)!

Matchy Matchy with homeboy, my best bro @Nicho
 I don't usually wear visible socks with my shoes. But these pink ones were a pair from the new Ralph Lauren collection mum picked up, and who can resist Egyptian cotton hugging their ankles right ;)
New Year Resolution: Wear a pair of these socks everytime I'm in sneakers.. which is probably going to be most of the days I'm in school this semester :D (at least now there's something to keep me on my toes!)

latest obsession: Head Porter Plus watch.
This Christmas break, I've watched Mum hang out a little much (again, pleasantly so. i love you and all your buys mum! keep scouting! heehee) on NETAPORTER and MR PORTER online, so it stunned me a bit when i found this watch with a similar branding.

A little googling helped me find out more about this curious brand.

Turns out, Head Porter currently has three stores - the Harajuku Flagship Store (Tokyo), - atelier - Head Porter (Tokyo), Head Porter Loft (Kyoto), and the HEAD PORTER OSAKA (Osaka).
All, only in the land of the rising sun.

No wonder, tsk.

11 more days of voting, have you voted yet? ;) 

I'm in the Top 10 for Miss U, and voting ends on 15th January 2015! Everyone can vote 5 times daily here, and stand a chance to win prizes! :) 

spread the #kimmylove ok? 

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