Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Time to time, my hair does get dry from all the harsh elements (read: wash&wear/flat irons/curling thongs/back-combs/teases/hairspray&morehairspray/etc.). I usually get a steam, and it straightens all my problems out (not the curls though. yea, they're here to stay. they just get softened^^).
 This time I reached the salon just before closing hour, and we only had enough time for either a colour, or a steam. I really wanted a fresh colour, so we went ahead with that :) and now, after wearing the colour out a little, I think my curls have decided to behave! So... Cheers to good hair days!

And it looks much shorter here too:
Looks like a long-bob (LOB). lol.

So today we had a PPC-meet, and also to celebrate Fai's 21st! Happy 21st mamabear <3

Naturally, we had lots to catch up on. The pictures don't tell everything, but they sure summarise most of how our time in school was spent ;) 

M.A.D.O.N.N.A. | more like.. Fudge's Cones
pikachu's all let's go for a spin | tingting-carrr

Finally, what's a PPC meet-up without the renewal of annual vows, B&J bets, and Mean Girls re-enactments ;)
jingle-bell rock. x.

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