Thursday, October 27, 2016

Meeting NTU Provost Prof Freddy

It’s been an annual thing, since my freshman year. Every academic year there’d be a new campaign or project that I’d have the absolute honour and delight to work with the corp comms office at NTU. Each time without fail, I’d always meet amazing people, work together in a fantastic team and I can’t help but think how it’s really added so much value to my time at NTU, in a way that nothing could top it more. It’s shown me the true meaning of an all-rounded education that you can look forward to in a world-class university in the heart of Asia. I’ve been lucky, and I’m grateful for all the opportunities along the way.

At the ION Underground with the 2015 NTU Admissions poster!
In Hey! Magazine, before the opening of the new Medicine school on campus
Looking through these photos bring me back 4 years ago when I was at a Freshman Welcome ceremony, checking out the food line (4 years later, this is still a habit my peers and I keep! There’s always an event happening on campus, and if you follow your nose (or tummy) you’ll find the start of the food line). It was at that moment when the team approached me and asked if I was free for a photoshoot happening the next week for the school calendar. Sure, I remember saying – happily popping fruit tarts that came in almost every fruity flavour you could think of. 

It’s been the same answer every year since, and fruit tarts or not, I’d always make time for the team. It’s definitely a great honour and pleasure to work with the team who put in so much effort into a cause they care so much for. 

Hair and Make up before the Video shoot! 

A third-year Kim with a second-year Kim in the poster while renovations were ongoing at the North Spine.
A third-year Kim on the bus in front of school! 

Today, everything seemed to come full circle – I got to meet the Deputy President, Provost of NTU, Professor Freddy Boey – when we filmed the new corp comms video together. We talked about the new renovated areas in school, how beautiful the North Spine has become, and how The Hive simply takes your breath away. We spoke about future of NTU, and how all the current success and possibilities to come, are only possible because we’re standing on the shoulders of giants. Our Alumni has laid a strong foundation for generations to come. I’ve got to admit, a little streak of pride ran through my veins as Prof Boey and I continued on about the solid culture of teaching and sharing in my school, WKWSCI. Most of what we learn are based on first-hand experience, and it’s truly up to seniors to hand those lessons down to the younger minds and showing them the way as how we were once shown. It’s about passing on the magic, and being a part of that legacy.

In the TV Studio Gallery - filled with amazing memories of great interviews and trainings
Something interesting Prof Boey mentioned in between our scenes, was how Thomas Heatherwick , designer of the most-talked-about building in NTU, The Hive, wasn’t even an architect by training. Yet despite this seeming to be a shortcoming, it only proved to be the very reason why his designs are groundbreaking. Having a boundless-imagination allowed Thomas to think against convention and say “why not”, rather than “we can’t do this, because of the technicality of architecture.” His freedom of mind made all the difference.  

Hopefully Thomas and Prof Boey’s words inspire students as how they inspired me – that possibilities are endless, if only you looked beyond what’s laid out in front of you J   

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

TNP Media Launch

Big Congratulatory Kisses to The New Paper!!

Backstage fun!
This Christmas, The New Paper has a special surprise for you – they’re bringing you everyday news with special focus on business and lifestyle, free of charge from 1 December 2016! Extra, extra, read all about it!

Hanging out with the gorgeous ladies from Miss Universe Singapore!

This change has come about with a merger with My Paper. So look out for new exciting content – human stories, sports and entertainment. Grab your copy of the new TNP from the nearest train station, mall or cafĂ© islandwide.

Biker Boy H showing us the true-blue meaning of cool~

At the media launch, we had a little peek into what’s to come. We also got to hang with TNP reader favourite’s Biker Boy, who let us get up close with his Harley Davidson and sports bikes!

TNP will be available online for mobile and web here


As with every event, biggest thank yous to my glam squad for dolling me up!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Little Nails Castle x Kim

There’s just so much to be thankful for – and today I’d like to specially thank Felicia and Andy, the sweetest team behind Little NailsCastle, a princess-themed nail parlour in Far East Plaza, along the Orchard Road belt. Now if you’re looking for a quaint, dainty spot to spend some girly-time with your #girlsquad, you know where to go!

Felicia and Andy, Little Nails Castle

There’ve been countless times when Fel, Andy and their team of lovely ladies saw to my nail needs, ensuring that they’re in tip-top condition for events, shoots, or beauty pageant finals. I remember first meeting them before representing our country on the international stage as Miss Singapore in Manila. I came home after being placed in Top 3 – and I know a large part of it definitely had to do with my nails. Grooming plays a big role in presentation and little things like manicures really make the big difference. As they say, the devil’s in the details, and just check out those delicate details…

We had snowflakes hand-drawn onto Tiffany-blue gradient nails. Daisy wanted some too.
Playing my decade-old flute at the Talent Segment! Glitzy nails fancied up my fingerwork routine.
I visited Little Nails Castle again on Friday, and requested for something clean, chic and timeless. And this happened:

In the works~
I’ve always been a fan of icing-sugar baby-pink nails in the right shade of pink, and Little Nails Castle did just that, with a little sparkle – as how they always do ;) Add shine to your life~

Pink midi-french nails with (naturally) the shimmer!
The surprise didn’t end there – Fel stunned me with Aquamarine Seashell nails. I mean – I really don’t know what to say, other than that I can really see Ariel the Little Mermaid visiting Little Nails Castle and requesting for this design! If you look closely, there’re little bits of Mother of Peal in it. I’m hoping to head to the beach really soon and hopefully these nails will attract any remaining Mermaid out of the waters.

Seashell Nails!
Something interesting Little Nails Castle does now is the Holographic Nails design. They’re available at $6/nail or $30/set. From what I see, they're getting really trendy. It's almost like having a mirror on your nail - which can be really quite useful if you’re needing a last minute touch up!

Finally, I just wanted to say how gelish has got to be the best invention for nails in history. I’m constantly typing on my laptop, or working with my hands – and having chipped nails, or messed-up classic manicures really will not do. To me, the quality of the Gelish at Little Nails Castle have proven to last through the roughest of times (literally), and remaining shiny and fresh till your next soak-off.

Experience it for yourself – just a little warning: you’ll soon get hooked! All designs are too irresistibly adorable and intricate.


Little Nails Castle
14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza

Call 6737 1516 or 9151 2005 to book an appointment!
 Open daily | Monday – Sunday | 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

KENJOxKIM - Mucota and Olaplex Treatment

Something that always impresses me is when hairstylists or make-up artists take extra care of your skin or hair condition before applying any aesthetic additions like fancy colours or cosmetic stuff. It brings me great comfort knowing that this very care and concern is one of the hallmarks of Kenjo Salon – their genuine concern for strengthening my hair led to another session at the salon earlier this week. Read on to find out about the 2 treatments we did.

I know I’m on my way to achieving really healthy locks with all the love my hair’s getting - We’re talking about the newly-improved Mucota Treatment, and the Olaplex treatment. Following the Volume Rebond and C-curl I did a week ago, Kenjo Director Joseph and Senior Stylist Justin decided it’s perfect time to nourish and moisturize!

Both the Olaplex and Mucota treatments aim to repair the hair by multiplying bonds. But what really thrilled me was the new and improved Mucota Treatment. What was previously a 3-step process, is now 5-steps, with the new additions being the first 2 steps aiming to prepare and restore the hair before moisturizing, conditioning, and repairing the bonds through intensive repair. My stylist Justin really worked the product into my hair with a soothing head massage that could easily #takeyouback to that very memorable massage you enjoyed on your favourite beach-getaway.

Long ago, I used to go for monthly hair steams. Results would be great – but after a week, and a couple of washes, the hair just wouldn’t seem any healthier than before. It got me thinking – was there a better way to actually repair the length of my hair, exposed to harsh chemicals and heating tools on a daily basis? This was it. The Mucota Treatment utilizes a special hair-tong lined with mini rods – this locks in all the goodness from the product, and really is the new-age hair steam, sans the long waiting time. I also like how the rods increase contact zones with individual hair strands, rather than just clumping the entire head of hair into a steamer-bag (as how traditional hair steams work).

Of course – healthy hair isn’t just what we do in the salon. There’s got to be proper after-care too. Big thank yous to Joseph, Justin and Mucota Singapore for preparing the cute care-pack for me, I can’t wait to feel its magic. Check it out – here’s the Mucota Aire+ Shampoo, the Mucota Aire+ Weekly Repair Hair mask, and a Nourishing Repair Spray from YUKO Japan. The protective YUKO after-shower mist-spray doubles as a heat-protector; so I’ll be bringing this around with me for jobs now onwards – a little something to share in Hair and Make-up too!

Cheers to revitalized, nourished hair! I’ll keep you posted.

Don’t forget that you get to enjoy amazing hair too – just tell the good folks at Kenjo Salon that you’re my buddy, and enjoy 15% off hair services. Look for my stylist, Justin, and share your hair-experience with me, or tag me in your photos – I’m waiting to hear your happy-hair stories!

Post-Treatment Shine! Airy-Bouncy-Curls (just the way I like my ABCs)!