Thursday, October 6, 2016

Final Year Blues - or is it?

Wardrobe | Romper from Net-a-Porter. Knit Kimono from Zara.

Something to share is a recent feature we did with the talented team from our campus newspaper! Read more about it here.

Words | Megan Koh, The Nanyang Chronicle
Photos | Jun Cen

It's been 4 years since I’ve matriculated into Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, NTU and in all honesty I’ve lost count of all the amazing individuals I’ve met and have had the privilege of working with here. It’s very promising to know that these folks I’m working with today, are the trailblazers of our future. There is a strong culture in our school to help one another improve – and I think this positive reinforcement is highly essential in our education process. It’s always a thrill to hear their opinions on issues, and seeing their work never fails to take my breath away.

In this issue of The Nanyang Chronicle, we hear the stories of 4 girls on campus (myself included!) who’ve dabbled in the world of Beauty Pageants! For me, the story outlines my recent win in this year’s New Paper New Face competition, something I’ve been meaning to do for the past 3 years! But I guess there’s always a time and place for things to happen – each year, auditions would be held around June, and that’s when I’d be away on birthday vacation. 3 years later, I find myself without any travel plans because I’m on internship and entering my final year in university – perfect chance to finally do what I’ve been hoping to do! J Lots of people asked why The New Paper New Face Competition, having joined Miss World Singapore 2014. The answer is simple – they’re all different. TNPNF is one of Singapore’s biggest modelling competitions, and it’s a great learning opportunity for young girls intending to enter the industry. Pageants are an entirely separate universe. When I was preparing for Miss World, I remember adopting a totally different training regime. To me, it’s all about the experience, the learning opportunities, the wonderful people you meet along the way, and the stories you share together.

Of course, there are trying times – when I attempt to juggle a heavy pageant-schedule, modelling assignments and everyday-struggles of student life. But what keeps me afloat is coming back to supportive buddies and my family who’ll always be there no matter what. It’s just heartwarming and the very reason why I push myself to try harder when the going gets tough :) 

As of now – we’re less than a year away from finishing what we began 4 years ago. We’re so close to the end, and I cannot wait to see my peers in our graduation gowns, as how we first met 4 years ago at our matriculation ceremony. So after these years switching between school sneakers, and high heels, guess what my team’s final year project is focusing on? ;) Hint: We’re an all-girl team, who love a little fun. We’ve decided to go with raising awareness of heel-health. Yknow how office ladies tend to use heels a lot – and sometimes don’t realize the damage they’re causing to their soles (souls)? That is exactly what we’re attempting to touch on. While we know ladies love our heels – we won’t stop using them, I know I won’t despite feet aches from long hours of use… But our campaign, “Save Our Soles” hopes ladies would take better care of their feet - through better after-care and more. If you’ve any ideas or thoughts on this, please feel free to get in touch with me – we’d really appreciate any help we could get at this moment :) 

Coming up this month - a new partnership with my hair sponsor Kenjo Salon, the official MUCOTA Japan concept store. New beginnings are always exciting - and I just can't wait to tell you more about it.  

(P.S. My hair's looking totally different from this image now!)

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