Sunday, June 29, 2014

Birthday Weekend at the Bay

Birthdays are a BIG affair in my family, especially when there're just so many of us! This year I turned 20 in a really special way (I promised, remember?)

We shot for Bay Hotel and stayed the night. The staff were so kind to surprise me with birthday treats, champagne and strawberries! They sure know how to impress a new 20-year-old!

Fun day at the bay | Photoshoot | Bay Hotel

When night fell, the fun only got better ;)
The morning after, I woke to *yet* another surprise. You just can't tell what these beautiful girls have on their minds! Who would've guessed: 

Everybody loves a lil cake!
When I got home... look what I found!
A big round balloon | Benji remembers this every birthday every year for every sister and every brother!
Turning 20 means no longer being a teenager officially. So, here's to more grown-up days! 
(nah, I'm just kidding)

Photo credits: Edmond H | Bay Hotel | Nicholas Red L.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Turning 20

“The child is in me still and sometimes not so still.”
Fred Rogers, The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember
 This weekend is the last one I'll be spending as a teenager. I turn 20 on Sunday, 29 June. Something different from last year's birthday and all birthdays before that.. is the hashtag. This year, I'll try to load all birthday memories under this hashtag -> #kimturns20 (If it sounds exciting, it's going to get better!)
The gorgeous Orange-Chocolate Round Cake Mimi baked. #kimturns20
I've been really lucky to have many pleasant surprises in the days leading up to my turning 20! First, Mimi, our sweet pâtissière, has been dishing out pastries of all sorts - Matcha Azuki Cupcakes, savoury homemade pie puff-puffs, Banana-Walnut Muffins, Prune-and-something-Loaf... sweet treats from our sweet and we can't resist. (Now, there's no shame in that.)

Last Friday Mel woke me up telling me bout a special something something I'd be thrilled to see on the table. First I thought "Food?" (Breakfast is my happiest time.) then I thought, maybe the postman came with one of mom's surprise boxes. And then there was this:
URBAN, The Straits Times | 20 June 2014
It's ritual-like every Friday; to wake up and first reach for my copy of URBAN. This definitely made my day (and my week). Thank you so much URBAN, I love you <3

Dressabelle Fashion Show | Suntec City
Daddy and Nicky came for the show at Suntec City last weekend, and it was so much fun walking and talking with the pretties I've been spending most of my weekends with <3 also, we found out how amazing the Asian Tofu Salad at The Soup Spoon is. 

Talking bout pretties, these girls get the cake (read: bubble tea).
Most times, it's the girly giggles and (explicitly narcissistic-BUT-i'm-really-actually-kidding) jokes that keep us through long hours at A&F.
 Here's to turning 20 & more from #kimturns20 over the weekend! <3

(a special something something awaits!)

Sunday, June 15, 2014


3 weeks of drinking straight from the tap and breathing fresh dust-free air have passed so quickly since we returned from Kathmandu, the 'City of Temples'.

Here're some highlights of our trip!

Cows were EVERYWHERE in Nepal. Cow Siestas are frequently spent in the middle of the roads, just so they could have frenzied cabbies whizz past them. Cheap (cow) thrills.
Sari Shopping! There were so many types and colours. Talk bout being spoilt for choice!
Nepalese Wedding! The red stuff (Tikka) is a paste made from a blend of rice and other stuff. I remember the Nepalese ladies having really clear skin.. perhaps an alternative to your Korean skincare regime ;)
#SGxNepal photoshoot | Street Style | Ft. Shannen & Novell T
More looks here

Down to business | Wardrobe Mistress for 'Broken Stars', the performance put up by the kids
Here people only walk in clockwise-direction around the temple (all for good luck!)

Here's to more adventures and exciting things to come!

For now, let's hype? ;)

Photo credits: Spencer T | Miss XX. |

Sunday, June 1, 2014


It's great to be home after 2 weeks in Nepal.

Here's a lil something before my next blogpost on the Nepal trip and a special sleepover I had recently!