Sunday, June 29, 2014

Birthday Weekend at the Bay

Birthdays are a BIG affair in my family, especially when there're just so many of us! This year I turned 20 in a really special way (I promised, remember?)

We shot for Bay Hotel and stayed the night. The staff were so kind to surprise me with birthday treats, champagne and strawberries! They sure know how to impress a new 20-year-old!

Fun day at the bay | Photoshoot | Bay Hotel

When night fell, the fun only got better ;)
The morning after, I woke to *yet* another surprise. You just can't tell what these beautiful girls have on their minds! Who would've guessed: 

Everybody loves a lil cake!
When I got home... look what I found!
A big round balloon | Benji remembers this every birthday every year for every sister and every brother!
Turning 20 means no longer being a teenager officially. So, here's to more grown-up days! 
(nah, I'm just kidding)

Photo credits: Edmond H | Bay Hotel | Nicholas Red L.

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