Sunday, June 15, 2014


3 weeks of drinking straight from the tap and breathing fresh dust-free air have passed so quickly since we returned from Kathmandu, the 'City of Temples'.

Here're some highlights of our trip!

Cows were EVERYWHERE in Nepal. Cow Siestas are frequently spent in the middle of the roads, just so they could have frenzied cabbies whizz past them. Cheap (cow) thrills.
Sari Shopping! There were so many types and colours. Talk bout being spoilt for choice!
Nepalese Wedding! The red stuff (Tikka) is a paste made from a blend of rice and other stuff. I remember the Nepalese ladies having really clear skin.. perhaps an alternative to your Korean skincare regime ;)
#SGxNepal photoshoot | Street Style | Ft. Shannen & Novell T
More looks here

Down to business | Wardrobe Mistress for 'Broken Stars', the performance put up by the kids
Here people only walk in clockwise-direction around the temple (all for good luck!)

Here's to more adventures and exciting things to come!

For now, let's hype? ;)

Photo credits: Spencer T | Miss XX. |

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