Sunday, October 9, 2016

Teavana x Starbucks

Endless love to my dream team at Kenjo Salon for helping my hair last through our everlasting-summer heat!

It's been a long week, and Mimi decided it was time we had some girlie-time out. 

No prizes for guessing where we spent our Sunday afternoon:

These had such strong Easter-eggshell vibes, and I honestly wanted them all - but herein lies one of the world's greatest decisions: Pick ONE colour.

I settled for a baby pink with tiny sprinkles. I'm hoping just staring at my cupcake nails would make the busy week-to-come a little sweeter.


Starbucks' latest Teavana collection has been highly-raved about... and surely for good reason!
After tasting the new flavours, here's my conclusion - my favourite remains the Matcha-Expresso Infusion.

The Hibiscus Tea is quite fine, and the pearls were a nice touch. I just wish they were chewier! But: Confessions of a Matcha-addict -- if it's one of my options, I'll definitely have it over anything else. #matchawins

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