Saturday, May 30, 2015


 Day 1 of propagating these Dayuki Buds! Watch them grow here
 Melly came home from her Seoul-HK adventure last night and brought this little bud home! I guess our Dayuki Buds are growing a little international here ;)

To celebrate our love for matcha and all things green:
Frog Waffles! With the amazing green tea milk spread from Osulloc Jeju.

Afternoon feelszz..

A little peek at what we did in Seoul:
SUNSHINE | Felt like full-on Summer on Nami Island, even though it's supposed to be breezy Spring!

SUNSHINE | see what i mean?

These guys got it the best, with optimum sunlight and just-right shade-
Dontcha wna be a Dayuki Bud too.
BLUEBERRIES | nestled in their new blueberry carton!

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