Friday, December 26, 2014


 Very soon 2014 will be 'so last year'~ so before 2015 arrives, here's a blogpost :D

Royal Carribean | Glitzy day
Happy hour cocktails and all things sweet!
 Turns out, "HOT PEOPLE PLACE" was a wintery tree-lined street, 가로수 길 in Seoul.
Always a good time for a break!
Nicho and his cuppa penguinnoccino :x

Many cute café-lined streets (complete with Christmasy lattés and pancakes!)

Mimi had her hair done at the hair salon and looked just like the 90210 babes!
It turns dark quick in the winter, so .. perfect for our favourite Jeju Black Pork Korean Barbecue!
Heated indoors and warm beverages never felt better than in sub-zero climates ^^
Cosying up with my sisters for a selfie (actually, just for the warmth)

'they said it's 5 minutes away!' On the way to Insadong
After our huge sushi lunch at 노량진수산시장 Noryangjin Fisheries!
Somehow it always snows whenever we visit Conrad Seoul and IFC Mall. Without fail!
A day late, but it's always Christmasy here anyway; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :) Here's to an exciting year ahead :D

x. Talk to you in 2015.

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