Monday, March 9, 2015

Marching into March

Big sunny hello from Chloe and I! <3 This was last Saturday when I brought lil Chloe for her haircut. That's near Sentosa, so yknow, everyone gets into beach-mode, and I was so glad I had my new Ray-Ban Rounds! They're from the newest collection called #NeverSquare, and they're a modern take on the vintage look from the 70's! I've been on the lookout for adorable round sunnies like these for the L-O-N-G-E-S-T time. Imagine my glee when I finally got these! <3

February was a month of many exciting things I never expected! Surprise surprise :D

Never in a million years would I have imagined seeing a huger-than-life version of myself >.<
Kim and Kim at ION Orchard Underpass!
..or on SBS buses :O
I honestly haven't seen this myself yet. They're all pictures my friends have captured all over Singapore! This bus, i think, was either in Queenstown, or the east (that's... too.. far.. away...).

Closer to home, though... are the local newspaperssss!
...and even closer, has definitely got to be the school bus >..<
So today I decided to try something different during my long break in school. I usually get my subway and watch some TV (complete with my cookies^^) before my last tutorial of the day.

I really wanted a hairwash though.. so i checked out the school hair salon and was so pleasantly surprised! it's going to be my new hangout in school.


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