Thursday, August 31, 2017


Hair appointments are a sacred time.

To most people, it’s a solid 3-hour session for them to refresh, recharge and realign their thoughts. The Hair Appointment goes beyond the simple fact that you’re getting your hair cut.

Coco Chanel once said how a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. That’s something we’ve heard too many times, but take for granted. Looking back, I too, have cut my hair and changed my life ..several times in fact (LOL - #funfact, half those times, it really wasn’t up to me how I liked my hair because the agency would have final say, or – if the job was a hair show, where they’d use harsh bleach and do the crazy stuff they call “creative cut”. You know as one gets older … “fun” has quite a different meaning, and you reach a place where pink hair cannot be tolerated.)

Anyway, it’s always about the process and the experience for me. Whether I’m transitioning from child to adult, or if I’m deciding to cut my hair – it’s all about who, what, where, when, but especially – how. The devil’s in the details – and when I find a place that gives me all that, I stick. I’m loyal like that and I couldn’t be happier to head back to Kenjo Salon for my hair appointment (insert angelic glowy tones like the gates of heaven opening up). At Kenjo, you’re really in for a treat – and the level of commitment from the team is real. I checked in with Senior Stylist Justin late on a Friday evening after an entire day of meetings. Picture this: Everyone was just bout leaving the salon but Justin still entertained my requests, taking the effort to go the extra mile – no hair-lock was left unflipped (I’ve no idea what this means, but just take it in its most literal sense – I was tired, and my hair needed that attention ok?)

Fresh out of the Goldwell Color Zoom Championships!
Senior Stylist Justin T | KENJO Salon
So chatting with Justin, I had to ask him about the latest news in town. If you follow Kenjo Salon on their social media platforms, you’d have seen Justin at the recent Goldwell Color Zoom Championships!
This champ’s going to get busier with more bookings, so if you’re thinking of fixing that mane, book early! More on the Goldwell Color Zoom Championships: After battling it out with hundreds of hairstylists nationwide, Justin emerged TOP 5, representing KENJO Salon at the finals on 15 August 2017. Stylists were judged based on the creativity and technical abilities, focusing on colour and cut. Justin was telling me how it was a fantastic experience and allowed him to mingle and learn from other industry-insiders.

On my side of life, work's been busy but as I always say: Busy’s good. Sometimes I sacrifice personal time, like grooming sessions – and to be super honest, that’s been the case for the past 2 months. I realise now it’s bout time to clean up my act yeah? I thought about it and seriously - personal grooming is really important, and shouldn’t be sacrificed. Heading back to Kenjo, the lovely team set me up with a colour refresh, and a new trim. I’ve been thinking of growing my bob out, so we kept the trim really delicate this time round. Justin continually out-does himself. I’d ask for a trim, but he’d ensure that if I can’t give him the length, he’d give me volume. So it works like this: It’s either you go short, or you go voluminous (a little hard to explain in words, but you get the drift when you feel the hair). It’s a world of difference. P.s. Thanks Justin ;)

Zooming into the colour act: Choice of the day was our good ol’ Mucota for their lovely earthy brown tones in the all-natural organic Hair Colour range. Justin set me up with a bespoke shade that matched my skin tone and how I’d usually style my hair. Little gestures and thoughtfulness like this really means a lot to me as a customer because I know I can trust them in giving me the look that best fits my lifestyle and profession. The whole process is fuss-free and all you really need to worry about is what drink you’d like to have from their menu.

After the hair colour, we sealed the deal with a Olaplex one-step treatment. This included a steam which aims to lock in all the moisture and pack the nutrients in to every strand along its length, leaving your locks shiny.

Call in to book your appointment with Senior Stylist Justin T early! Tell the good folks at Kenjo that we’re buddies and enjoy 15% off services.

More about Kenjo Salon
Situated on the 4th floor of the new-wing of Plaza Singapura, Kenjo Salon immediately stands out with its brightly-lit space, sleek and modern ambience. The team at Kenjo consists local as well as Korean stylists. 

“At Kenjo salon, our team of expert professionals and dedicated staff will strive to provide the highest level of professionalism to each and every client.”

Trust and long-lasting friendship is at the heart of Kenjo’s outlook. 

Get in touch with them for your next hair appointment – tell them I sent you and enjoy 15% off services. 

Share your own MUCOTA x KENJO SALON experience with me, I’m waiting to hear it!

Contact Info
68 Orchard Road
Phone: 6238 8083
Plaza Singapura (New Wing)
Singapore 238839

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