Friday, October 20, 2017

Kim X Kenjo X Maybelline Holiday Looks

It’s an all-Mucota Day when I head down to Kenjo to fix my hair before the Maybelline Holiday Looks Launch! 

My hair grows at rapid speed, so priority on the list was getting my hair colour refreshed. Given the lack of time (I’m so sorry to rush you Justin!!), we had to strategise. And so here was the game plan: we’d work on the Colour first, then focus on the treatment and cut. The Mucota 3-step treatment takes time for all the goodness to set in - this begins with a serum, which gets watered down with a micellar gun. I was too engaged in conversation at that moment that I totally missed out on the photo :< but hey - all good things. So following that, things just get steamier. Trust me~ step number 3 is applied to the length of the hair before being steamed in one of those old-school steamers for another 10 minutes. I entertained myself with more space-hat selfies and got all thrilled how the steam escapes the cap a little when you lean more to one side. Old is gold! 

P.s. Big congratulations to Kenjo Salon’s resident Eyebrow specialist Amaryllis for representing Singapore at the recent Asia Aesthetic Contest at Resorts World Singapore, and emerging amongst the TOP 3, with Silver! Not just a pretty face, Amaryllis has a great personality which makes trusting her with something so special like eyebrows, so natural and easy! If you’ve ever wanted those natural, Korean-brows worn by k-pop stars, drop by the salon and chat with Amaryllis :) 

Back to my hair which’s sitting in the steamer at this point - time for the final wash and blow-out! Moment of revelation~ I love how you really see the true colour of freshly-coloured hair once it’s blown out. So it’s happening, and we realise I need a haircut. I’ve been trying to grow it out, and honestly, as appealing as longer hair seems, a shorter bob is way more manageable. And it was the immediate decision of the moment - almost like a reflex - when Justin, famous for his short cuts, asked if I’d like to cut my hair. “Yes please, sign me up!”

So here’s the final look:

All ready to shine at the Maybelline Holiday Looks Launch - but not before heading off smelling powdery-fresh after Justin runs in a little finishing shine from Davine’s:) 

Over at the Maybelline Holiday Looks launch -- 
Nothing spells a festive season better than glitter. And as the song in Shrek goes - not all that glitter is gold. Take a look at the Glittery Liquid Eyeliners Maybelline's going to launch in the coming holiday season!! If you're stuck on how to up the ante this Christmas, here's your answer. 

Hitting stores real soon:


Call in to book your appointment with Senior Stylist Justin T early! Tell the good folks at Kenjo that we’re buddies and enjoy 15% off services.

More about Kenjo Salon
Situated on the 4th floor of the new-wing of Plaza Singapura, Kenjo Salon immediately stands out with its brightly-lit space, sleek and modern ambience. The team at Kenjo consists local as well as Korean stylists. 

“At Kenjo salon, our team of expert professionals and dedicated staff will strive to provide the highest level of professionalism to each and every client.”

Trust and long-lasting friendship is at the heart of Kenjo’s outlook. 

Get in touch with them for your next hair appointment – tell them I sent you and enjoy 15% off services. 

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